"Where such chips take almost 17 hours, with our new method in just a few minutes. A disruptive technology in a market that is still under development."

Production of droplets and particles up to a thousand times faster

UT researchers discovered a new technology during a Friday afternoon experiment. The started to making the production of small droplets and particles that are up to a thousand times faster: fluid manipulation in the air. In essence, Microfluidics work on the manipulation of liquids on a micrometre scale. This allows the production of minuscule droplets and particles that form raw materials for multiple applications, such as medicines, cosmetics and chemical products. Moreover, special chips with liquid channels now take care of the production. “Where such chips take almost 17 hours, with our new method in just a few minutes. Overall, a disruptive technology in a market that is still under development. ”

UT spinoff in microfluidics

IamFluidics, the UT spinoff in microfluidics, is on a roll. They recently published their discovery in the journal ‘Science Advances’, set up a company and received enough funding to further develop their technology. Further, entrepreneur Menno Noorlander, as general manager, guides the scientific team on their way to the market. To research the commercial viability of their startup, they received €40,000 in early 2017. This subsidy is the first part of the STW Take-off regulation. Also, the team of Novel-T supported the process of subsidy applications. “We’ve already been given part two, a loan of €250,000,” says Menno enthusiastically. “This budget accelerates the development of our product and our startup.” Due to the recently received EFRO subsidy, the team can also further develop the parallelization of the technique. Simultaneously, the startup is working on this with the University of Twente and two other companies. “A year from now we want to have our product ready for the market and be sending out the first invoices,” Menno states.

@ Novel-T

Novel-T has been involved from the start. For instance, the business development team supported IamFluidics with the patent application and helped them maintain focus and sharpen their business case. Moreover, we also provided IamFluidics with advice on finances and finding subsidies. Read the full story here.

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