NWO launches call on early detection of osteoarthritis by KIC and Dutch Arthritis Society

NWO launches call on early detection of osteoarthritis by KIC and Dutch Arthritis Society

NWO has launched the KIC call ‘Early detection of osteoarthritis – Innovations for detection and diagnosis’. In this call, NWO is collaborating with the Dutch Arthritis Society. With the results from research, the Dutch Arthritis Society hopes that osteoarthritis will no longer be a chronic disease by 2040. Around 3.1 million is available.

The aim of this call is to stimulate the development of early diagnostic tools or technological innovations that map what form and phase of joint osteoarthritis is present. This will enable an efficient and effective, joint-saving treatment path for every person with osteoarthritis in the future.

There are currently 1.5 million people with osteoarthritis in the Netherlands. Without intervention, there will be one million more by 2040. Osteoarthritis is a heterogeneous syndrome. It ranges from hereditary osteoarthritis – which appears at a very young age – to osteoarthritis that arises in middle age, in one or more joints. Osteoarthritis also occurs in the elderly, in various joints. Disease progression also varies from progressive to less progressive. No treatment is available for osteoarthritis that slows, stops or cures the disease.


The Matchmaking meeting for interested parties is planned on March 14, 2023. The registration is open now.

Interdisciplinary cooperation

For technological innovations to actually be applied in practice, it is important that they have support. This requires an interdisciplinary and integrated research approach, involving users and other stakeholders, such as patients (associations), insurance companies, industry, doctors and nurses. Their input is needed because all people with osteoarthritis should be able to use the innovations developed. The interdisciplinary approach integrates research by technological, (bio)medical and health scientists with that on the societal aspects of the envisaged innovations by researchers from the social sciences and humanities.

View the call for proposals

Important dates

  • The matchmaking is scheduled for 14 March 2023;
  • The deadline for submitting pre-proposals is April 11, 2023, at 14:00 h CET;
  • The deadline for submitting full proposals is September 21, 2023, at 14:00 h CEST.


Through the Partnerships line in NWO’s Knowledge and Innovation Covenant (KIC) 2020-2023, research questions from external private and/or public partners are developed annually. These have a size between 3 and 10 million euros. The partner matches in cash the NWO contribution, which is between 1.5 and 5 million euros.

NWO funds a maximum of 90 per cent of the total project size per application. The rest of the project budget is contributed through mandatory co-financing. The research aligns with Knowledge and Innovation Agenda (KIA) Health and Care.

KIC seeks technological economic opportunities

The NWO research programme KIC focuses on groundbreaking innovative solutions with societal and economic impact. Companies, knowledge institutions and government bodies jointly invest in the commercial application of knowledge to tackle major societal challenges through the use of smart technologies. By doing this, both jobs and income can be secured for the future. This is established in the Knowledge and Innovation Covenant (KIC) 2020-2023 that connects with the Mission-driven Top Sectors and Innovation Policy of the Dutch government. NWO brings together companies and knowledge institutions and funds groundbreaking research based on their innovative, high-impact research proposals.



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